My Body by Vi 90-day Challenge

18/05/2011 14:24

 I'm Fat.

I had to face it this morning. I thought I was a 'little heavy', but when I looked for my ideal weight online, and found out I was 40 pounds over my ideal, and a BMI of 29+, I had to face up to it.
Life, poor eating, a job I sit and drive at a lot - and you're 40 pounds overweight.
Too tired, too winded to exercise. That should tell you something!
My measurements this morning:
Weight: 203
Chest 42
Hips 40
Waist 41

So, starting TODAY (actually next wednesday) I'm starting the 

Body By Vi 90-day weight loss challenge!
ick a package of Visalus product, and join the thousands of others who've taken the challenge, lost MILLIONS of pounds of weight, and all have the chance for fabulous prizes.
Oh, and you can get the next month's for FREE!

This blog will track my progress and thoughts.

I invite you to come join me and TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

Does it work?

66% of U.S. is overweight. Over 30% Clinically Obese

Do you really want to join a club and get weighed in public?

Thousands of people.

Over 2 million pounds lost

Success? Here are some stories:

Fabulous Prizes?

As someone taking the Body By Vi Challenge, you can enter to win prizes :

"Each quarter we select 1 Male, 1 Female, and 1 Couple as our Body by Vi™ Challenge Champions and reward them with a Hollywood Transformation Vacation AND a free tropical Cruise! Our Runners-Up in each category win free cruises too, all part of over $100,000 a year in total prize value!"

Lose weight, feel great, possibly win a cruise!

Kickoff my Challenge! 5.5.11

Got my order of the Vi-shake yesterday, and couldn't wait to try it.

In a word - SHOCKED! This was amazingly good, SO much better than the other products like Slim-Fast I've tried. The shakes come in one flavor, "Sweet Cream", and it' delicious by itself, but you can add flavors from Visalus or your own healthy add-ins to add variety.

Today's the day. The BIG challenge for me is this - can a single shake hold me until lunch time? THAT's the question. I'm taking some carrots with me as I leave, just in case. 

I'm excited to be starting my challenge. Come join me and thousands of others who've had success!

Week 1 update
Body By Vi Week 1 update:

This isn't a full update - fact is, I'm trying to play it 'cool'.

But I'm so excited by the product I can't stand it! I LOVE the taste of the shakes and you can 'doctor' them up to be almost anything! Add pineapple, or chocolate (low fat, of course), peanut butter, there are dozens of way!

Here's the result - I started last Thursday, and weighed myself this morning.

5.5 pounds lost.


Now, I know that if you have poor eating habits, your body will hold on to a lot of water to 'buffer' it. Starting a diet you will tend to lose a lot of water weight up-front. I'm willing to bet that's what's happening, as 1-2 pounds a week is considered 'safe' weight-loss by experts.

However, let's look at this - my changes to my lifestyle are modest. In essence, I changed ONE MEAL and nothing else for this result! I had my shake in the morning, and it successfully carried me through to Lunch every day.

Lunch, I tend to eat 2 ham or turkey sandwiches on flat bread, an apple, and some other snack - like a cookie.

Dinner, we tend to eat chicken, although I did have mahi-mahi one night. rice or mashed potatoes, and green beans or peas. That's pretty typical, although we did have hamburgers on the grill one night, and spaghetti another.

I also had desert probably 4 nights. cheesecake or cookie.

5.5 pounds with only ONE real change in my life! Yeah, I'm excited about this! If you're serious about FINALLY finding something that WORKS to help you loose weight, you've gotta look into Body By Vi!

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